The Pirate

Prompt: “It’s going to be so awkward”//”Just find a hot pirate to hit on to pass the time” Written 20 February 2019

“Ok, I’ve got to go in and make this deal alone. I need you to stay here until I’m done.” he said, pulling his bag off his shoulder. I slumped.

“So I have to sit here and mingle with shady looking strangers? It’s going to be so awkward.” I complained, grabbing his arm.

He laughed. “You’ll be fine. Just find a hot pirate to hit on to pass the time.” he pulled out of my grip and walked inside.

Huffily, I muttered “It’s only fun to flirt when it’s with you.” But I sat down next to an adventurous looking fellow, and altered my posture to seem more inviting.

The man looked me over and smiled. “Quite the partner you have there.” he said. “How’d he end up traveling with someone like you?”

I eyed him quizzically. “Why don’t you use your imagination?” his encouraged look wasn’t nearly as fun as Seren’s gentlemanly blush, but I continued. “Anyways, what brings you to this oh-so-mysterious establishment?”

He leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Selling stolen valuables.” I laughed.

“Well, that’s rather obvious, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Places like this aren’t where you share secrets, love.” he replied.

“And where does one share secrets, good sir?” I asked, bringing my face closer to his.

“Come with me and I just might show you.”

I feigned offense. “Sir, I am a lady.” I whispered loudly.

“And I am a pirate.” he grinned.

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