The Curse of Beauty

It is hard to determine gifts from curses when dealing with the Folk. Even their most well-intentioned of gifts can turn unexpectedly sour, leaving the victim wondering if it had been a cruel trick all along. Be it speaking gold or a magic flute, anything freely given by the Folk carries risk. And a childContinue reading “The Curse of Beauty”

The Changing of the Season

Prompt: this is not the deal I made. Written 18 February 2021 Twice a year, nature holds its breath as the courts change power. Summer and Winter meet beneath the ancient weeping willow, and they exchange gifts as their people find common ground in music. The rhythm of Winter sings to the twirl of Summer’sContinue reading “The Changing of the Season”

A Warning

No prompt Written 19 February 2021 There are many tales of the Folk, many of them contradictory. Some say they are honorable, but follow a code separate to the laws of humanity. Others say they are impulsive and cruel. They are impossibly beautiful, or they are unnaturally angular, with too many joints. There are storiesContinue reading “A Warning”

In the Water

Prompt: she stood on the end of the pier, took a deep breath, and jumped into the freezing ocean. She was going to get answers, no matter what it took. Written 6 February 2021 (character inspired by Disney’s Ursula) It was a gray and oppressive sky that hung over her as she walked up theContinue reading “In the Water”

The River’s Monster

Prompt: Don’t believe the words of a water spirit. They can never be trusted. written 5 February 2021 In a particular forest, on a particular morning, wanders a man who once had a purpose. Long ago, when the green of his cloak was still as bright as the leaves around him, he had a questContinue reading “The River’s Monster”

A Guide to the Stone People

Prompt: The stone people were not very pretty, but they would help a stranger in need. Written 3 February 2021 Half a day’s ride from any border town, there lies a cave in the side of a hill. To find the right hill, you must look for the one that is always in shadow, noContinue reading “A Guide to the Stone People”


Prompt: Never trust the sun. It will always burn you written 7 February 2021 He approached the gleaming palace slowly, squinting as the setting sun reflected on its golden roof. He loathed having to return here. The place held memories of nothing but shame. To his great humiliation, the guards recognized him and let himContinue reading “Burning”


Prompt: They painted her in shades of crimson for the ceremony, until every inch of skin blazed like a dying ember written 25 January 2021 She didn’t understand why they painted her skin with such tenderness. She was about to burn, and the paint would neither protect her nor survive the flame. One look fromContinue reading “Birthright”

Musings 3: Message and Escapism

Some stories have a message, a lesson to teach. Some do not, and they are equally important. These stories provide entertainment, and escape from a world that needs lessons taught and morals shouted from pages. Of these two brands, I am afraid I only ever write the one. My stories hold no grand truth orContinue reading “Musings 3: Message and Escapism”

Of the Sea (version 1)

No prompt. Written 24 August 2020 She lived with her husband on an island ten miles from the mainland. Perhaps “island” is too grand a word, for it held enough space for a house, a spacious garden, a copse of trees and no more. Her husband was a sea-loving man who made his living asContinue reading “Of the Sea (version 1)”