The Curse of Beauty

It is hard to determine gifts from curses when dealing with the Folk. Even their most well-intentioned of gifts can turn unexpectedly sour, leaving the victim wondering if it had been a cruel trick all along. Be it speaking gold or a magic flute, anything freely given by the Folk carries risk. And a childContinue reading “The Curse of Beauty”

The Prince’s Death (part 1)

Prompt: When I was younger I used to pray to every falling star to make me a bastard, now I just hope to die before I’m forced to wear the crown. “Your parents are expecting you, your majesty.” I told the prince, standing in the doorway to his chambers. He was sitting curled up onContinue reading “The Prince’s Death (part 1)”

To the Wolves

Written 8 November 2017 One night, in an act of desperation and extreme sorrow, I literally threw myself to the wolves. Just after midnight, I ran, leaving my shoes and cloak behind. I continued deep into the forest until I was exhausted and my toes were numb. Lost, tired, and melancholy I curled up againstContinue reading “To the Wolves”

Into Battle

Prompt: “My sword is bright. My arm is strong. My grip is sure.” Written 11 November 2017 I stepped quietly into the tent, adjusting my armguard and watched as the soldier knelt, eyes closed with his sword in his hands. “My sword is bright” he chanted. “My arm is strong. My grip is sure.” IContinue reading “Into Battle”


Written 11 September 2017. We looked at ourselves in the full-length mirror, thinking the same thing: our bodies emulated our positions better than our robes. My many braids sparkled with the gold beads threaded in them, shining out of the black. The sun painted on my forehead stood out on my gray-tinted skin. My roleContinue reading “Reflections”


Prompt: The moment the king set the crown on her head, the ancient statue crumbled. Written 21 February 2021 An hour before her coronation, Princess Senka sat cross-legged on the floor, trying to do magic. Eyes closed, she tried to reach out and feel for the magic she knew must be around her. When herContinue reading “Coronation”

The Changing of the Season

Prompt: this is not the deal I made. Written 18 February 2021 Twice a year, nature holds its breath as the courts change power. Summer and Winter meet beneath the ancient weeping willow, and they exchange gifts as their people find common ground in music. The rhythm of Winter sings to the twirl of Summer’sContinue reading “The Changing of the Season”

A Warning

No prompt Written 19 February 2021 There are many tales of the Folk, many of them contradictory. Some say they are honorable, but follow a code separate to the laws of humanity. Others say they are impulsive and cruel. They are impossibly beautiful, or they are unnaturally angular, with too many joints. There are storiesContinue reading “A Warning”

In the Water

Prompt: she stood on the end of the pier, took a deep breath, and jumped into the freezing ocean. She was going to get answers, no matter what it took. Written 6 February 2021 (character inspired by Disney’s Ursula) It was a gray and oppressive sky that hung over her as she walked up theContinue reading “In the Water”

The River’s Monster

Prompt: Don’t believe the words of a water spirit. They can never be trusted. written 5 February 2021 In a particular forest, on a particular morning, wanders a man who once had a purpose. Long ago, when the green of his cloak was still as bright as the leaves around him, he had a questContinue reading “The River’s Monster”