Musings 4: Too Many Ideas

It’s a common joke amongst writers, that we can’t focus on a single story concept without being distracted by several others. This often leads to dozens of started works and no finished products, which can be hard on a person’s sense of accomplishment. I had this problem bad. I had shelves filled with notebooks thatContinue reading “Musings 4: Too Many Ideas”

Musings 3: Message and Escapism

Some stories have a message, a lesson to teach. Some do not, and they are equally important. These stories provide entertainment, and escape from a world that needs lessons taught and morals shouted from pages. Of these two brands, I am afraid I only ever write the one. My stories hold no grand truth orContinue reading “Musings 3: Message and Escapism”

Musings 2: The First Line

They say the first line, first paragraph, first page, is the most important part of your book. They’re wrong. You don’t write an engaging, fun, interesting “first” part, and then get lazy the rest of the way. The entire book should be the most interesting. You don’t want your reader to say “The first pageContinue reading “Musings 2: The First Line”

Musings 1: Notebooks

Welcome to the first of my musings. These will be posted regularly alongside my short stories. I encourage all readers to let me know their opinions on every topic, because that is all these are: my opinion. Notebooks. In the writer’s community, beautiful notebooks are seen as these holy objects, to be collected and thenContinue reading “Musings 1: Notebooks”