Tree Song

I am a savior of lost souls. I am release, I am relief. I call to those who need me most. Weary travelers, desperate mothers, fearful children. I welcome all. Criminals, runaways, vagabonds. If you are scared, or tired, or lost, I will take those awful feelings away.

Even now comes a weary child, drawn by my song. His eyes are narrowed, suspicious as he looks around my clearing. His tensed muscles relax as I coax him to rest. His darting gaze slows as I console him. He yawns. I gather him close. His eyes are drooping now, and he makes his way to my softest patch of moss, sized perfectly for him. He lies down and his eyes close. He rests at last.

Just beyond my domain, his companion looks on, ready to bolt at the smallest sign of danger. She plugs her ears and calls to the boy, frantic. She tells him to wake up, that they have to keep moving. I want to draw her into my clearing, blanket her in my grass. I send her a soft breeze, beckon her to take her place beside her companion. She is tired, I assure her, she needs rest. She backs away, just out of reach. I open a path in my clearing, leading to her place beside the boy. She keeps her ears covered, and cautiously approaches him. All of me reaches out to her, my song on the breeze, my embrace reaching for her with every blade of grass. Her arms relax slightly, and when she reaches the boy she moves to shake him, finally allowing my song to reach her.

She stops, her arm floating in front of her, and she sees the peace on his face. She sees his deep, even breathing, and she lowers her arm, refusing to disturb him. She sees the bed of grass beside him, spares him one last peaceful smile, and takes her place in my meadow. They sleep. They rest, and within my domain they will remain undisturbed. Just as those who rest beneath them remain.


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