Gemini Dance

No prompt. Written 27 December 2020

She walked the edge of the ballroom, watching as the glittering skirts twirled a mesmerizing swirl. As the music sped up, it became more and more difficult to see the dancer’s faces, and panic rose in her throat. She cursed herself for ever letting her sister come with her, and worse, for losing her in the crowd. She tried screaming her name, but the magic of the place strangled the sound. To find her sister, she had to follow the rules of the place. So she pulled the mask down on her face and stepped into the crowd.

A partner found her not two steps into the dance. She let him lead her around the dance floor, all the while stretching an arm out in an effort to reach her sister. She raised her voice again, this time in song, matching the music, melding with it. Her heart leaps as she hears the voice of her sister join the song. The man dancing with her pulled her closer, and she tried her best to steer him in the direction of her sister’s voice.

They kept singing, even as the music sped up. When their hands finally met, her arm was nearly pulled from its socket as her dancing partner tried to lead her away. She spun out of his arms and grabbed hold of her sister, who adopted the man’s position in the dance. As she did so, her skirt pulled in to form trousers, and soon she wore a midnight blue suit in place of her gown. The two looked at each other and smiled. They had been dancing together all their lives, and together they cut through the crowd with ease.

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