Musings 3: Message and Escapism

Some stories have a message, a lesson to teach. Some do not, and they are equally important. These stories provide entertainment, and escape from a world that needs lessons taught and morals shouted from pages.

Of these two brands, I am afraid I only ever write the one. My stories hold no grand truth or important message. If those are things you search for, I must recommend you go elsewhere. My words are not so profound. I write to go on adventures, and to allow people to join me on them.

I am not here to argue that escapism is dying, or that it is more important than writing with a message in mind. I don’t believe either of those things are true. Both styles of writing are equally important.

Maybe I sound pretentious, claiming that escapism is as important as having a message. But humans need mindless fun, things that make them happy, with no other purpose. That’s why I read, and it’s why I write.

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